Want to try to take Mayor of the local pub, but the couch is just a bit too comfy?   Want to get points and badges for visiting interesting places, but don't have the time to actually GO there?  Then get GPSCheat!  

GPSCheat! will let you set a fake current location - and will keep track of them.   No more remembering the lat/lon of the that restaurant downtown you want to take Mayorship of - enter it once, and then with a single click your phone will think you're back there again!  On the golf course but need to look like you're checking in to work?  Easy to do with GPSCheat!


Now Available on the Android Market Place


Control where your phone thinks it is - enter in a new location, click on the map, or add your own well-known locations so you can instantly get back to them!

Select a pre-entered well-known location, or any number of your own.  Don't want to have to remember the long number that indicates where work is ('cause you want to check in during the day while you're off golfing?)  Just enter it once, and then easily re-appear there.

It can take a bit of work to get things set up - and with recent Android security lockdowns, YOU must do some of it.  The other fake-GPS apps don't help with this.  GPSCheat will let you know if there's a problem, and walk you through getting it set up correctly.


V1.1 is now available in the Android Market Place


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